Preparing Your Southampton Trees for Winter

Mature trees can add ten percent to the value of your property, according to the US Forest Service. Proper tree care is essential, not only for maintaining the beauty of the trees but the safety of the property and structures that surround. As the splendor of autumn sheds to bare limbs for winter, it is the perfect time to inspect and protect.

Winter Tree Care Tips

Caring for your trees doesn’t have to be difficult. The following checklist will help you:

1.) Prepare trees for the stress of winter weather by bracing or cabling branches that hang over structures, driveways or sidewalks to avoid potential hazards from breaking limbs.

2.) Prune all dead or diseased branches.

3.) Fertilize, hydrate and mulch. Provide the moisture and nutrition needed to sustain the tree through the winter. Add mulch (no more than two inches deep) around the tree drip line. Mulch insulates soil and tree roots against extreme temperatures and slows moisture loss from soil.

4.) Protect against sun scald, (damage to the bark due to the sun thawing by day and refreezing at night) by painting or wrapping the trunk with crepe paper tree wrap.

5.) Guard against damage from rock salt by trying kitty litter, or choosing a snow melt product containing calcium, potassium or magnesium chloride

Who to Call if You Need Tree Care Help

If you need help caring for your trees, seek out a professional that will be familiar with the trees native to the area. They will best understand the soil origin and acidity as well as typical weather conditions. If you are looking for tree care in the Southampton area, be sure to contact a local landscaping company to ensure the best care for your trees. They have the knowledge to provide you with a beautiful, safe landscape for many years to come.