Preparing for a Potential Trial With a Custody Lawyer in Spokane Valley, WA

by | Sep 23, 2015 | Law Services

Washington parents have the opportunity to make choices about child custody. However, a judge must sign off on these choices. The judge will evaluate these choices and determines if they are appropriate for the child. A custody lawyer in Spokane Valley, WA will help parents prepare for these changes and orders.

Examining a Parenting Plan

The court encourages the parents to create a plan. The parenting plan will determine where the child will live. It will also define how the parents make decisions about the child. It will define the type of custody the parents choose. Parents who cannot achieve a plan are at the mercy of the court. The judge makes these decisions for them based on the child’s interests.

Exploring the Child’s Current Living Environment

Judges approach child custody by assessing the child’s living environment. They will evaluate the child’s attachment to the community. This includes the length of time the child has attended their current school or church. The point is to give the child a living environment that doesn’t cause more damage than necessary. If either parent moves outside of the area, these factors must be reviewed.

Reviewing the Parenting Skills

The judge identifies which parent provides the most care for the child. This will define the child’s daily routine. The judge will determine if this parent can provide the healthiest environment for the child. Ideally, judges prefer that both parents share custody. However, if it comes down to a choice for sole custody, these are among the factors the judge reviews.

Children need stability in a healthy environment. They receive the most advantages and reduce harm when their regular routine is kept as unchanged as possible. This doesn’t repair the damage of the divorce, but it does reduce the impact of it.

Child custody arrangements require an analysis of accountability and capability. The judges review these cases and determine if one or both parents are most appropriate for the child. They must examine the living environments and the parents’ ability to support the child. They examine any protection orders and criminal allegations. Parents who need a custody lawyer in Spokane Valley, WA should contact Cooney Law Offices to fulfill these requirements.

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