Frequently Asked Questions About Tin Ceiling Tile In Long Island NY

Homeowners who want to have a unique ceiling in their homes should consider contacting an experienced Tin Ceiling Tile Long Island NY area company. In addition to the antique appearance, these tiles are durable and low maintenance. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about installing tin ceiling tiles in the home.

Q.) What types of tin ceiling tiles are available for home installation?

A.) Homeowners can purchase tin ceiling tiles from a Tin Ceiling Tile Long Island NY area company in various finishes and patterns. Popular finishes include stainless steel, brass finish, chrome plated, copper and pre-painted white. If desired, homeowners can also paint their ceiling tiles in any color they choose. Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of stamped patterns, such as geometric, floral, diamond shapes and block squares. For an original look, homeowners can also have ceiling tiles stamped with a custom made pattern of their choice.

Q.) Is it difficult to clean or take care of tin ceiling tiles?

A.) Tin ceiling tiles are often installed in the kitchen because they’re easy to keep clean and they’ll look new for a long time. These tiles are nonporous and dirt doesn’t stick to them, so they resist staining. A homeowner can simply run a dust cloth over them periodically to keep them clean. These tiles don’t mold and they’ll never rust.

Q.) Is the installation process for a tin ceiling difficult?

A.) Once a homeowner contacts an experienced Tin Ceiling Tile Long Island NY area company to install a tin ceiling, the entire process can be completed in just a few weeks. After the homeowner selects the finish and pattern, the tiles are ordered. When the order is received, the company can begin installing the tiles. Before placing the tiles on the ceiling, the installation crew must first attach a wood base to the plaster on the ceiling. The tin sheets are nailed to the wooden base during the installation process.

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