Palm Coast FL Dental Implants- Are They Worth The Investment?

In the city of Palm Coast FL dental implants are installed quite commonly by numerous dental clinics. Palm Coast is a small city in Florida with a population of just around 100,000 people. The oral health care industry of Palm Coast is booming. Many dental clinics operate within the small city, offering a range of different services.

In this day and age, where different kinds of foods are consumed in large quantities, dental problems have become quite common. The teeth are easily affected by plaque and other harmful bacteria that get lodged in the teeth and cause cavities. If a person does not brush his teeth twice every day and floss at least thrice a week, they are likely to suffer from dental problems. Continuous improper care can cause an infection, or permanent damage to a tooth. The tooth becomes a source of relentless pain until it is permanently removed, leaving behind a large cavity. To fill that cavity, an artificial tooth needs to be installed.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a small, surgical implant that is made out of titanium (usually). It is placed into the cavity that is left behind by the removal of the tooth, and screwed into the jawbone. The implant is designed to support another dental prosthesis, like a denture, a crown or a bridge. It can also be used as an orthodontic anchor. In Palm Coast FL dental implants can only be installed by licensed dentists. There are many dental clinics which offer a plethora of services, including dental implants.

For a resident of Palm Coast FL dental implants might be costlier if they do not have insurance. Most dental clinics require patients to have medical insurance before treatment begins. While this helps save costs, it is not necessary. For instance, in many dental clinics of Palm Coast FL dental implants can be installed by making a direct payment. They even accept credit cards.

How Are Dental Implants Installed?

The installation procedure is quite technical. First, the dentist will determine whether there is enough supporting bone in order to keep the implant in place. Without the supporting bone, dental implants cannot be installed properly. In that case, a dentist will recommend dentures.

However, if enough supporting bone is present, the dentist will require several sittings in order to drill a hole in the bone. This is where the implant is placed and screwed in to the bone. Once tightened, it takes several weeks for the surrounding tissue to heal properly and keep the implant in place. After it has healed completely, the dentist can then place the dental prosthesis required on top of the implant. The procedure takes anywhere between three to four weeks, and requires several appointments.