Hands On Learning Experiences Encourage Children to Communicate More Effectively

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Education & Training

One of the most unique characteristics of children is their distinct and amazing personalities. As they grow, they begin to identify by their smiles, habits and silly little giggles. These are all interesting to observe but as they become older, it is no longer what they do that amazes parents but what they say and how they interact. In some children, there may be an outburst of communication and in others, there may be a complete withdrawal in terms of communication. There are a variation of responses and interactions presented by children that can leave even the most intelligent adult baffled but that’s okay, children have a much more complex way of thinking. There are options for children who aren’t naturally motivated to communicate with others and one of the most effective is through hands on communication.

The Spoken Experience

Even at a young age, children should be fluent in communication skills. This in no way means that a 1 or 2 year old should be engaged in a full-fledged conversation at such a young age but they should have their unique way of communicating with others. There should be an enhanced vocabulary of motions and words for proper interaction. In addition, they should show an interest in the things around them. This is a form of communication that encourages them to grow and learn as much as possible about the things and people around them. Once a child begins to form words, sentences and expressions, communication becomes an essential element of the academic growth process. The spoken experience is one that should come easily for little ones and hands on learning is a method that encourages this experience and improves communication efforts.

The Interactive Approach

Hands On Learning is an exceptional process that motivates St. Augustine children to interact with the others and the things around them. This is a very important part of the developmental stages for children and it is a staple that serves as an identifying benchmark for the growth concept. Children are presented with an opportunity to touch, feel and identify with certain items as an attempt to help them understand and verbally express their thoughts on what they’ve touched. Many times this is implemented into a group setting where the opportunity for conversation or verbal expression is greater. Children are unique characters and they have the best ideas or expressions to share through engaging communication opportunities.

Hands On Learning process in  St. Augustine area is a great way to stimulate communication in children of all ages.

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