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by | Jul 28, 2017 | Transport and Freight Forwarding

Transportation is what over the road trucking companies do – it’s the heart of their business. These companies have the resources personnel and experience to move freight in a timely safe and cost effective manner. The trucking industry is a competitive one, and for this reason trucking companies may offer a range of services and benefits to meet market demand. The additional services can also make it advantageous for potential employees, including drivers, to work for the firm.

Drivers work intensely to transport freight across for hundreds and even thousands of miles, oftentimes across state lines in different regions of the country. This is the major service offered by these companies. But there are others as well as mentioned below.

Dedicated Solutions
Over the road trucking companies sometimes have clients that have recurring service needs for transporting items over a specific route. These cases it can be advantageous to have a fleet of equipment are trucks to accommodate this need. A trucking company can assign some of this work to a fleet. In addition, drivers who prefer a steady, regular schedule and the same route repeatedly can benefit from this arrangement.

Equipment Sales
It is important for businesses to keep their equipment and trucks and good working order, especially when those assets account for a major portion of the company’s business. Maintenance is important for businesses. Companies can save a lot of money by having proper maintenance procedures in place. At times equipment must be replaced, and items such as trailers, trucks and other items may be put up for sale by these companies and even advertised for sale online.

In addition to dedicated solutions and equipment sales, over the road trucking companies may offer their clients large service packages that include the handling of their logistics needs. A company that has relationships with other firms that provide complementary or associated services can serve it up brokerage capacity by managing multiple companies that have brought together in order to satisfy the needs of a particular client.

These companies can become more competitive by offering a range of different services as described above. They can also attract some of the best drivers in the industry.

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