Options In Healthy Chew Bones For Dogs

While there is agreement with vets, breeders and animal nutritionists about the dangers of allowing dogs to have rawhide chew bones, there is not a lot of specific reasons provided as to why these bones are so dangerous.

To help pet owners understand why rawhide chews are not considered healthy chew bones for dogs, here are a few key factors:

 * No nutrition – as the inner layer of cowhide removed before tanning, rawhide has no nutritional value

 * Digestibility issues – 24 hours after consumption, 15% of rawhide is still undigested in the dog’s digestive tract, leading to a greater risk of blockages and obstructions.

 * Choking – masses of rawhide shredded off of these chews can become a sodden mass in the throat, posing a significant risk of choking, which can be fatal.

 * Processing problems – most rawhide chews are made outside of the USA in very poor conditions. There have been recalls, due to chemicals in the chews, including quaternary ammonium compounds, which caused extreme illness in some pets.

What Makes A Healthy Chew Bone

All healthy chew bones for dogs are non-rawhide bones. They are made from natural, healthy ingredients such as peanut butter, chicken, milk, and pork skin. The pork skin is baked to remove 70% of the fat, resulting in a tasty, crispy and highly satisfying chew for any dog.

These chew bones, unlike rawhide, will not leave a soggy mass ground into your carpet or furniture. Instead, similar to pork rinds people love to eat, dogs consume the entire chew bones safely. With full digestibility in 24 hours, these healthy bones are not just safe for your dog to eat, they are something your dog will love.

Look for healthy chew bones for dogs in a variety of flavors, shapes, and sizes. There are even puppy-sized options, great for a way to show your new additional how much he or she is loved.