Nicole Lee Handbags: How to Spot an Imposter

High fashion and designer handbags are accessories which possess a unique quality by the very virtue of their branding. It is important when shopping for discount designer handbags to avoid being fooled by imitations which may look similar, but are actually counterfeit. Nicole Lee handbags are among some of the most desired brands on the market because of their quality of leather materials and construction. They feature a unique style that makes the branding of these bags stand out from others.

How can you tell if your Nicole Lee handbag is genuine?

Some imposter or replica bags can look very close to a genuine designer bag. When looking for an imposter bag, first check the stitching. When the stitching appears to be inconsistent either in visible areas or hidden spots, it could mean that the bag is not genuine. Designer bags are made with high quality and great amount of attention is focused on the construction details.

Check the Label

If the labels have any variations in spelling of the name, design, format, or color differences, the odds are that it is phony. In addition, the label should be sewn into the handbag.


Nicole Lee handbags are made of high quality leather materials. The materials used in certain imitations may truly be leather, but the quality of the leather is likely to be of an inferior grade. If the leather is overly stiff or discolored with flawed spots, it’s probably a knockoff.

These are just a few tips which can help you to determine if the Nicole Lee handbag that you are considering purchasing is genuine or if it is a fake. Counterfeiting of high quality products is a big business, particularly over the internet, so it pays to be careful. Saving money on designer handbags is a wonderful thing, but if you shop online with discount vendors ensure that they have a solid reputation with their previous customers.

Online Reviews

One of the best ways to check on the reputation of a vendor is to conduct an online search of customer reviews. This will give you an idea of the experiences which others have had when dealing with the company and its products. If the majority of the feedback is negative, then you may want to consider bypassing this particular store and find another one with more positive ratings.