New Trends In Vapor Cigarette Flavors

When it comes to vapor cigarette flavors, there are always new combinations and options coming on the market. Of course, there are those companies that also continue to improve on the tried and true favorites as well, which gives vapers a new experience with a flavor profile they enjoy.

Over the last decade, the demand for vapor cigarette flavors has increased dramatically. The original e-cigs were like the mini-cigs you can buy at any convenience store or gas station, and the cartridges are pre-loaded with e-juice.

Early Options

These vapor cigarette flavors tended to be the same general flavors that people were used to with traditional tobacco cigarettes and cigarillos. This includes the basic cherry, vanilla, menthol and basic tobacco flavors.

From there, flavors expanded to include the fruit flavors such as strawberry, peach, blueberry and even apple. In just a few years, and with the use of mods and vape pens rather than the disposable or rechargeable mini e-cigs, the demand for more extensive flavor selections increased.

In the last couple of years, it seems that hundreds of flavor combinations have flooded the vapor cigarette flavors market. These included the cream flavors, the dessert flavors and even the candy and beverage flavors.

Current Trends

One of the big trends in vapor cigarette flavors is to find blends that are more in keeping with the experience of cigar smoking in that the flavor profile is complex and not just basic.

In other words, you may inhale the vapor and experience one flavor sensation, and on the exhale there may be a different flavor experience. Additionally, by combining different levels of propyl glycol in the carrier liquid the manufacturers of vapor cigarette flavors were able to give different flavors more of a “throat hit”. This is the experience of the vapor hitting the back of the throat as is found with an actual cigarette.

Trends today seem to be focused on creating unique blends that have a lot of different flavors. Many of these include vapor cigarette flavors that have a cream base or a custard type of flavor as a secondary flavor. A good example of this would be a dessert flavored vape that includes the flavors of apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

Another emerging trend in vapor cigarette flavors is to go all organic with the ingredients. This limits the flavors to those naturally occurring in fruits, foods and spices, but it is a growing market for vapers to enjoy.