How to Dispose of Asbestos in London

Do you think that asbestos might be present in your home? If so, there are two things that you can do – either sit back and risk getting asbestosis or another serious illness, or you could learn how to dispose of asbestos with professional assistance. A team of experts could help protect you from mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer, which claims hundreds of lives every single year. Keeping your environment safe sometimes means that you need to have an asbestos survey carried out by a professional. Regular surveys could make the detection and removal of asbestos a whole lot easier. So long as items are disposed of correctly, you need not worry about lung cancer, mesothelioma or a serious respiratory condition turning your life upside down. Keep reading to find out how asbestos is disposed of safely and effectively.

Workplace Asbestos

Anyone who occupies a factory, workshop or environment where asbestos exposure is a daily occurrence will need to evacuate the premises and allow for asbestos to be removed. Long-term exposure poses a big threat to health because when inhaled, the fibres will settle on the lungs. This can lead to tumours and lung cancer, so the issue must be managed as soon as possible if you want to keep your employees safe.

Asbestos in the Home

There are many old houses scattered around the UK and although living in the city means that you are more likely to reside in a modern property, there are also a lot of properties that date back decades. The older the property, the higher the chances of asbestos being present. An inspection will determine the extent and whether or not the fibres have been disturbed. If they have, the asbestos should be disposed of immediately, because when disturbed the fibres will enter the lungs faster and this will increase the chances of health complications arising later down the line.

Personal Protective Equipment

You may have heard personal protective equipment being referred to as PPE. This type of equipment and workwear is designed to keep the person handling and removing asbestos safe. This is why it is very important to hire someone professional for the job, because PPE should be worn or used as standard. This equipment might include goggles, gloves and overalls. When you consider the different environments the asbestos removal specialists will be working in, such as boiler rooms, shipyards and engine rooms, it is imperative that proper gear is used at all times.