Must-Have Wholesale Cake Decorating Tools

Running a bakery of any size, or even for those who are aspiring bakers in their home kitchen, having the right tools to complete the decorating you need is always important. There is a real art to the perfect decoration, and without the specific tools required, you simply cannot create the same polished finished product.

Why Wholesale?

While it is possible to purchase many decorating tools at retail outlets or even online, they are often sold at a premium price, particularly for the brand name products. By shopping at a store offering wholesale cake decorating tools, you have a better selection and also have a much better price.

Companies like N.Y Cake offer wholesale cake decorating tools to both individual home bakers as well as professional bakers and bakeries. Typically with these types of companies, the higher the number of items you buy of one type, the lower the individual price. However, for those bakers who just need one of each item, prices are still lower from a wholesaler compared to other online outlets or even retail outlets.

Important Items

There are a few wholesale cakes decorating tools that are important for any baker to own. These tools are essential for both new and experienced bakers to add those extra finishing touches.

  • Ball tool – for making frills and flower petals on sugar flowers or in creating tapered edges on other types of shapes
  • Gumpaste modeling toolset – these can be very low price, but they offer a variety of ends and shapes to allow for easy sculpting of gum paste, chocolate, and marzipan for cake decorations
  • Fondant cutter – for clean edges and complex patterns, a specialized fondant cutter is much easier to use than knives or other cutting tools
  • Cake decorating turntable – while there are many other important tools, a basic tool to have in any kitchen is the decorating turntable

Other important tools include fondant rolling pins, cake decorating tips and fondant smoothers.

As your one-stop shop for wholesale cake decorating tools, N.Y Cake offers a full range of professional quality tools. To see our full inventory, visit us online