Master Your Living Space With a Space Saving Bed

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Furniture

With the popularity of tiny homes and apartments, space saving beds have become sought after furniture. Maximizing space is essential in smaller dwellings. Fitting a bed in these small spaces requires creativity and furniture that is designed for small spaces.

Space saving beds are multi-purpose, convertible beds that can be used in small areas.

There are different types of beds that can save space and still provide a good night’s sleep. These types of beds in Kalamazoo can be purchased at most furniture stores.

Space Saving Beds

Space saving beds are designed to allow sleeping accommodations in small areas.

Loft beds are space-saving beds that resemble a bunk bed. They have two layers. The top layer is the bed while the bottom layer can be either a couch or desk. This type of bed usually takes up a whole wall and has a ladder for top layer access.

A trundle bed or a Truckle bed is a twin bed with a low bed that is stored under another bed. The bottom layer is on wheels and can be pulled out when guest stay overnight.

Murphy beds are well known. They fold up into the wall space when not being used. These beds can range from double to king size.

Daybeds are beds that provide seating when not being used for sleeping. Daybeds are usually twin beds and usually have a backrest for seating.

Many space saving beds are not designed for permanent sleeping arrangements. They are designed for visiting overnight guests.

Many people will use a space-saving bed in a second room, so they do not lose valuable space. Keeping the bed hidden or stored away is a great way to save room space but still have ample room for overnight guests. If you are interested in a space-saving bed, shop for beds in Kalamazoo for the best prices.

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