Mexican Food Distribution in Connecticut for Healthy Menu Options

Restaurants that serve Mexican cuisine or whose chefs would like to add some of these meals to the menu can order supplies from a company providing Mexican Food Distribution in Connecticut. The chefs may be particularly interested in having some menu choices that appeal to customers who are trying to lose weight or stick with a low-fat diet.

People who haven’t eaten a great deal of this cuisine may have the impression that it’s always smothered in cheese and filled with caloric-laden ingredients, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, this characteristic has its main source in food that has been strongly influenced by North American tastes. Authentic Mexican cuisine typically is hearty, but it is more likely to include lower-fat meats like chicken and fish. Cheese is prevalent, but it generally is added in lighter amounts. Beans, tomatoes, corn and other vegetables are all characteristic of authentic Mexican meals. In addition, tortillas and taco shells provide fewer calories than the thick slices of bread commonly used in North American sandwiches.

As a restaurateur begins to shop with a supplier of mexican food distribution in Connecticut, what are some meals that qualify as especially healthy ones? One example would be grilled fish or grilled chicken tacos, either in a hard shell or soft wrap. This is a lighter option than burritos grande or deep-fried chimichangas loaded with ground beef and cheddar cheese, meals that are distinctly North American in their characteristics.

Fajitas are superb options too, as they make it easy for the customer to decide how much food to include in each wrap. Again, choosing fish or chicken is ideal, and lean steak is another prevalent menu item for fajitas that is healthier than certain other selections. A taco salad fills the customer up with veggies. Customers can ask for grilled chicken or lean steak instead of fattier ground beef. It’s best to only sample a small portion of the edible bowl, however, since the shell is deep-fried and caloric. Restaurateurs may want to peruse the wide variety of ingredients available from a supplier such as Best Mexican Foods. Get more information at the website.