3 Reasons Why Beef Jerky is Good for You

Last year, a company made headlines by selling roses made out of beef jerky, called a Broquet, the Metro reports. While it’s not going to take the place of roses anytime soon, it’s an ingenious way to get more protein into your loved one’s diet. Here are a few other things you may want to know about one of America’s favorite snacks.

It’s portable protein

This ready-to-eat snack is gaining popularity in fitness circles for one reason: it packs a lot of protein in a convenient package. Just bring along a few sticks with you, and you can hit your daily protein count. With the Paleo movement driving new interest in this snack, you may want to stock up.

It’s good for women

Beef jerky is well-regarded as a bro food. Aside from protein, though, studies show that it’s full of minerals like iron, zinc and vitamin B12 as well. Women can benefit from a daily or regular dose of those minerals. That’s an excellent reason to start putting jerky back in your diet.

It’s portable

Preparing your meals is one way to ensure you get a healthy balance of everything. But when you’re pressed for time, have a ton of deadlines to meet and a report to send to your boss, you may be too busy to eve spend time cooking in the kitchen, much less preparing your meals every day. If you barely have enough time to fix your meals, reach for a jerky strip for a quick, convenient snack. You won’t have to prepare anything. You can just grab and eat on the way. That makes jerkies a go-to snack for a lot of active people. If you’re always on the go, then packing a few of these into your bag can help you get enough protein to keep you fit and healthy. Shop at Divine Bovine Jerky.