Mastectomy Bras With Built in Forms – Comfort and Support After Surgery

A mastectomy is an invasive procedure that removes the breast in order to eliminate or minimize any further risk of the recurrence of breast cancer. Depending on the patient’s condition, a single or double mastectomy may be performed. Regardless of which type of mastectomy is performed, it is indeed a significant occurrence in a woman’s life which is not necessarily easy to handle at the outset. A product that can help women achieve a sense of normalcy in the aftermath of such breast cancer surgery is mastectomy bras with built in forms. These bras can provide a comfortable fit and also help you regain your appearance through the built-in forms they include.

These forms can help you obtain a symmetrical look and shape as well as improve your posture and balance. They are also designed to prevent the bra from inching upward on you and irritating the scars you still have from your surgery.

Mastectomy Recovery
Women can experience symptoms in the aftermath of a mastectomy procedure that include tenderness in the underarm, shoulder, and chest areas. It takes time for the surgery incisions to heal. Mastectomy procedures involve the removal of significant amount of tissue and this can introduce soreness and reduced muscle movement and strength until the body heals. As well, patients may experience tingling or an itchy feeling in the area where the breast was removed due to the brain continuing to send signals to the area. Mastectomy bras with built in forms can help in the process of recovery.

A mastectomy is a very consequential procedure. It can impact woman’s life both physically and emotionally. The clothing products available to help a woman during her post surgery physical recovery include mastectomy bras with built in forms and post-surgery camisoles.

Mastectomy Bras
Used by women after they have had surgery, these bras include interior pockets in which foam breast forms may be placed. These forms enable women to help retain their appearance.

Post-Surgery Camisoles
These products are inner pockets that hold post surgery drain bulbs and temporary breast forms.

Before you make a mastectomy bra purchase, know the bra size you will need. Consider the style options available. As well, pay attention to the features that are part of any mastectomy bras with built in forms you are considering which may contribute to the overall comfort and support you experience when wearing the product.