Addiction Treatment Centers: Outpatient Programs – Keeping Patients Clean

Addiction is a chronic disease. It affects millions of Americans annually, destroying their lives and affects their families and associates. Addiction treatment centers are one means of tackling those who suffer from this problem. Such facilities usually address it by mandating a drug-free existence. This begins with a stay at their residential facilities. However, research indicates that this, may not prove to be sufficient. To capitalize on the success of a specific program requires supportive outpatient programs.

What Are Outpatient Programs?

Outpatient programs offer similar services, as do their residential or inpatient counterparts. Both types also have an identical goal: They want the addict to become sober. The therapies and medications may also be the same. It will depend upon the type of clinic and its approach.

Where the two programs differ is in the setting. Outpatient clinics are addiction treatment centers that address the concerns and issues of ambulatory clients. While some are there to address substance abuse that is not as severe enough to fall within certain diagnostic measures for residential drug-abuse treatment programs, others are there following their successful stay in a residential program. They attend the programs offered by the center to reinforce what they have learned in a residential facility.

By attending an outpatient program, recovering addicts:

  • Continue to receive the medication they may need
  • Attend therapy sessions that help improve their capability to stay sober
  • Reinforce and strengthen their commitment to a sober lifestyle
  • Receive support from others battling the same problem
  • Further commit, to their new approach and philosophy

Some programs are drop-ins. Others provide set sessions daily. Each clinic differs according to its mandate.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction is a serious problem. A complex issue it requires a multi-pronged approach. Outpatient addiction treatment centers are one way of helping newly recovering addicts to remain sober. They provide the moral, medical and emotional support every individual requires to remain drug-free.