Manufacturing Benefits With RF Welding

When manufacturing products that are made of plastic film or of various thermoplastic, coated and vinyl fabrics, there several options for creating joints. This can include traditional types of heat and seal options, as used for bags and pouches made of film, as well as more advanced options such as RF welding.

RF or radio frequency welding is often the most efficient and cost-effective option when various standards must be met with the seal. As there is no direct heat applied and no need for conventional sewing, the weld area or the seal offers several benefits as compared to other sealing options.

Seal Quality

Through the use of quality RF welding services, it is possible to create airtight and waterproof seals with films, thermoplastics, and coated fabrics. This is essential for specific applications such as IV bags, inflatable bladders, oxygen bags and other types of medical supply, chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical industry needs.

Additionally, when safety is a concern, using this welding process can ensure seal durability to avoid contamination even with clothing items such as hazmat suits and biohazard bags.

Speed of Fabrication

The process of RF welding is very fast and, since it doesn’t melt or heat the surrounding film or fabric, it can be completed in less time than other methods. The resulting seam area is typically stronger than the surrounding two materials, which helps to resist separation along the seam that is common with sewing or other heat application sealing processes.

It is important to keep in mind that this process can be completed with two different fabrics or films provided both are suitable for the process. As this process uses pressure as well as the RF technology, the two dissimilar materials can be very effectively sealed to produce a durable, strong and lasting hold.