Making Employee Moving to Chattanooga Easier

In the world of employee recruitment, it is not unusual to offer a job to someone who does not live in the same city or even in the same state as your business. Many employees will move across the country for the right job. Often a recruitment offer will include moving costs paid by the employer. Most companies contract with specific movers to handle their employee moving. Chattanooga companies offer this perk to make it easier on the new employee and their family as they prepare to move to a new community.

Tell Your Employee about the Chattanooga Suburbs
If your employee is moving from out of state to work for a Chattanooga-area employer, he/she could choose to settle in one of the suburbs outside of the Chattanooga city limits. These areas include Signal Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Ooltewah, Cleveland, Athens, Tullahoma and Dayton. In Georgia, Dalton, Calhoun and Ellijay are also close enough to Chattanooga for your employees to commute from, as is Scottsboro in Alabama.

Find the Right Fit for Your Company Move
In order to offer your employee the smoothest transition, you want to use a company that both you and your employee will trust to do the best job. Employee moving can be stressful and the last thing a customer wants to worry about is if all their goods are going to make it to their Chattanooga-area destination unharmed. Research the agencies you are considering carefully, paying special attention to their customer service record. Affiliations and memberships are also a good indicator of trustworthy agencies.

Prepare Your Employee for the Move
For many employees, this might be the first time they have ever used a moving company. When offering full-service employee moving, Chattanooga businesses should let their employees know what to expect. A full-service move includes professional packers who will come to their home to box and prepare their belongings for transport to Chattanooga.

If possible, arrange for a pre-move visit from the mover to the employee’s home. At that time, the mover can explain the process and also see what will be required to prepare for the move.
Most people will want to pack and move some items themselves. At the pre-move visit, be sure your employee communicates with the mover about those items. A full-service move can include unpacking and staging at the new destination, so be sure your employee is aware of this service if it is being offered. Cars and other motorized vehicles can be included in the move as well.

Extra Services to Ease the Transition
Be sure to choose a moving company that offers valuation coverage. Your employees might also need temporary and/or long-term storage, which many movers offer. Finding the right mover for your employee move to Chattanooga will take much of the stress off of both you and your new employee.