How to Get Moving Quotes from Houston Relocation Companies

More often than not, a moving company is hired to do most of the work to facilitate a move and reduce the stress of the process. The task is then how to find the right moving company for the job. Movers that have experience, a good reputation, and the knowledge and skills are required so that a move can run smoothly. Moving quotes are also part of the process in finding these movers and are important in helping make the final decision on which mover will be selected.

The Quote Process
Before getting relocation quotes, arrangements should be made so that the movers can come to the residence to see exactly what will be moved and provide an estimate. This service should be available free of charge. In addition, a list of questions should be prepared for when the movers visit. These questions can include what services they offer such as packing, packing materials, crating and specialty packing and insurance for items that may get damaged during the move. Trustworthy moving companies provide clear details and answers to all such questions.

Part of getting moving quotes, Houston movers can offer a “not-to-exceed” estimate which means that payment for their services will not be more than the agreed to price. Such an estimate can change if additional items are added to what they see when they visit the home and discuss the move.

Additional Information
When getting moving quotes, Houston moving companies will also provide a booklet from the Department of Transportation about one’s rights and responsibilities during the move. Some states also offer similar booklets. This type of information should be received in writing from any moving company that does an in-house estimate.

One should also check the website of the Better Business Bureau of any moving company that is considered for a move. This will provide a rating from the Bureau about the company and a description of any complaints it received and how they were handled. Checking the website of the American Moving and Storage Association to see if the moving company is a member can afford more details about the company as well.

Finally, it is a good idea to get recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues about their experiences with different moving companies. Personal recommendations can sometimes be a good source for professional and reputable movers.