Make Your Maxi Dress Work for You

For some of us in the summer, casual maxi dresses are our go-to outfits. Maxis made out of jersey knit are as comfy as PJs but look a lot better. Unfortunately, there are a lot of maxi dress wearers who are committing major crimes against fashion. This tragedy could be avoided with a little help.

Petite Ladies

If you’re petite you the struggle is real. Maxi dresses can be a real problem for you since they can overwhelm your small frame if you don’t choose the right one. Start by picking a shape that fits closer to the body and is less flowy. You don’t need to pick a body-hugging dress if you’re not comfortable with it, just avoid excess material. Then, consider a v-neck which will make you look longer.

When it comes to color, go with a gem tone or darker neutral. You can consider picking a color that’s similar to your skin tone since it will help you look taller. Stick with a medium-sized print, nothing too big.

Plus-Sized Gals

Casual maxi dresses are an excellent choice if you’re plus sized. However, don’t you dare get one that is strapless or has spaghetti straps! Wide straps or even short sleeves will give you a sleeker look and will let you wear the undergarments you need to support your curves. Adding a wide belt can help draw the eye to the thinnest part of your waist.

You don’t want a flowy dress, either. Don’t go for clingy, but pick a dress that skims your body. It might sound odd, but this will make you look much thinner than if you hide behind a lot of extra material. You can get away with larger prints, but stick to darker colors.

Casual Doesn’t Mean Boring

It’s easy to throw on a maxi dress and flip flops and run for the door. But try to resist! Choose a sandal or casual summer sneaker to compliment your dress. Choose fun jewelry, a funky hat, or skinny belt to change things up. If you’re going from the hot sun to an air-conditioned room, you might need to think about adding something for warmth. A denim jacket or lightweight cardigan can bring added flair to casual maxi dresses.

Don’t think you have to treat your maxi dress like the star of the show. Add a tank top underneath for a pop of color. Pull on a long-sleeved t-shirt over your dress and wear it like a skirt. And, if your dress trails on the ground, tie a knot in the hem.

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