How To Prepare Your Pet For Surgery In Deptford

If your pet needs surgery, you are probably very worried about your furry friend and want to ensure the procedure is a success. While you aren’t a doctor and can’t perform the procedure yourself, there are things you can do to ensure the procedure is a success. Deptford veterinary clinics will likely explain to you what you should be doing before the surgery, and there are some other helpful tips, also.

Healthy and Protected

It is important that your animal be as protected as possible before the surgical procedure, so they do not have added infection or other problems. To keep them healthy and protected, make sure they have all of their immunizations. It is important to note that some vaccines, such as Bordetella, Distemper and Rabies, must be working in the body for a week before a surgery. Your veterinarian will be able to help you determine if your friend needs any extra immunizations.


Many medications can affect the outcome of surgeries, so make sure to talk with the surgeon or your vet to find out if the medication should be stopped before the surgery and when. Prescriptions, flea and tick medicine, topical skin creams, and ear medication will likely need to be stopped before the procedure. Make sure you ask the veterinarian and follow their directions


It is usually okay to bathe your pet before surgery as it will wash away dirt, grime, and bacteria and will help your furry friend feel comfortable and clean during their procedure. Most surgeons recommend waiting an extended period after the procedure to bathe your dog, so follow up with the surgeon to ask about post-procedure care.

Cleaning their bed or favorite blanket before the event can also help, as cleanliness is important before, during and after the procedure. This way, their favorite things will be ready and waiting for them after their procedure so they feel more calm and comfortable.


Most procedures in Deptford do not require you to withhold food or drink the day before the surgery. However, most surgeons request that your pet have no food or water after midnight of the day of the procedure. If this information isn’t provided, make sure to ask about proper feeding care before the event takes place.

Pet surgery in Deptford area is never a fun proposition, but preparing for the event can make it less stressful on you and your furry friend.