KF Polymer: More Than An Anti Rust Coating

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Business

Research worldwide has strongly indicated the negative effective of corrosion not only on physical structures but also on the world economy. The impact can be as high as 5 percent of a country’s Gross National Product (GNP). One way industries can ensure the products emerging from their facilities do not fall easy prey to the debilitating impact of rust and corrosion is to take the proper measures. A relatively environmentally friendly and effective means of doing so is to apply an anti rust coating such as KF polymer.

What Is KF Polymer?

KF Polymer or is PVF2, is a fluorocarbon resin. It has a crystalline structure and a high molecular weight polymer. This is vinylidene fluoride. It is described as a “high-performance, long-lasting fluorinated polymer.” Simply stated, KF Polymer is a type of engineered plastic. As a thermoplastic resin, it is popular in several engineering applications.

What Does a KF Polymer Coating Do?

KF Polymer coating powder is known for possessing several properties desirable for coating such metals as steel for placing in a harsh environment. KF Polymer as a coating provides

* Excellent corrosion resistance including in temperatures ranging between – 4°F to + 280°F

* Good heat and fire resistance up to approximately 300º F

* A very durable surface including notable resistance to aging

* Superior abrasion resistance

* Excellent chemical resistance – This is to both inorganic and organic acids as well as alkalies, alcohols, halogens and strong oxidizing agents – to name a few

* Exceptional thermal stability

* UV and/or radiation stability

* Toxic free surfaces

* Eminently machinable

These qualities make this anti rusting coating a viable means of reducing instances of future structural damage. As a result, industrial applications are practical and functional. They include the KF polymer power coating of chemical plant and ultra-pure water plant machinery. Other applications include chemical valves, pump parts and fittings and for the hollow fiber used in filtering city water and sewage. One particularly interesting and most popular applications globally of KF polymer powder coating is as binding for lithium ion batteries.

The Importance of Using an Anti Rust Coating

A KF polymer powder coating is a means of imbuing a substrate surface with a variety of properties to improve its ability to resist certain environmentally harmful forces. Industries where the component needs to be heat resistant, anticorrosive and impervious to the extremes of the weather, such a coating is beneficial. In fact, a KF polymer anti rust coating is one-step in ensuring the products are capable of enduring whatever the weather and its elements can throw at it.

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