Is A Shared Office Space Right For Your New Business?

The business landscape is ever changing and smaller businesses might be experiencing more change than most. One of the biggest changes from an operational standpoint is where a business chooses to operate. Office space is not needed for many with a growing trend towards virtual offices and telecommunication not only between clients and services but companies and staff. For many companies they find themselves left floating between the two worlds needing a space to perhaps present to clients or perform job interviews but with day to day operations taking place at home offices. This can make a shared office space a good solution for many business owners.

Flexible Space

A shared office space offers a flexible space where you can arrange a schedule that suits your needs. You can have the luxury of working from a home office for your everyday business and access to a professional space when you need it. Many business owners have a business that is easy to run from home, but when it comes to customer interaction, especially for pitches, it becomes necessary to have somewhere to meet. In this case sometimes a restaurant works well. However this is a noisy and distracting area and your image is dependent on the image and services of the restaurant you choose. The best solution is to hire an office space to use for presentations so your clients have the right impression of you and your ability to service them properly.

Safe Place

If you have a business you are running from home with various staff members working via telecommunication from their home offices you might still want to meet people face to face before you hire them. Many candidates will not feel comfortable meeting at your home office or even at an arranged restaurant or café. Having a shared office space will provide a place to meet with potential employees where you and the candidate will feel safe. Many women in business are nervous about meeting new people such as potential employees as well and will be safer in a public, professional space that provides privacy without the danger of running into a questionable person.

Special Projects

You may also need a space for special projects to accommodate temps or even for a meeting space for planning purposes. A shared office space is the perfect solution to provide a location for temporary staffing as well as a meeting place for your group.

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