First Time Hiring Skips in Exeter? Read This Simple Guide

Many businesses that receive new stock on a regular basis will be left with a lot of waste to clean up. Leaving this on the business grounds could affect health and safety, as well as harm the environment. The same applies for homeowners who end up with a lot of rubbish following a home renovation. To ensure the waste does not contaminate soil, pollute the atmosphere and contribute to leachate, it’s a good idea to hire skips in Exeter. Containers can be dropped to your location and collected, so all you have to do is fill them! To prevent hiccups during the process of hiring a skip, there are a few things you need to think about.

Selecting a Size

Only you will know how big a skip you require by judging the amount of rubbish you have. Most companies will provide you with an additional container if yours gets full, or they may transfer the contents into a larger skip. Typical sizes available from skip hire companies range from three to 12 yards. Try not to squeeze as much as you can into one container, because overloading is illegal and could put the safety of you and others at risk.

Getting a Permit

A permit is necessary for hiring a skip if the skip will be located in a public area. Should it be obstructing a pavement, road, driveway or anything else without a valid permit, you could be fined. To avoid excessive and unexpected charges, simply apply for a permit online. The majority of waste management companies can sort this out on your behalf, so make sure you ask questions ahead of the container being delivered to your address.

Safety Precautions

It is especially important to focus on safety if you live with pets or small children. Business owners that have a legal responsibility to keep everyone on the grounds safe will also need to pay thought to some safety precautions that come with hiring skips in Exeter. Refrain from putting liquids, tyres, asbestos and batteries in a skip. Remember to use common sense and if anything is sticking out of the skip, do your best to position it safely. If you think the skip looks too full, request another container.

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