International Trucks for Sale in Texas – The Importance of Diamond Edge Certification

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Automotive

If you are in the market for a high-quality commercial vehicle in Texas, International trucks for sale have a great deal to offer. The company makes some of the finest trucks on the road and provides unique and exceptional benefits to owners. When you check out trucks, consider a dealership with Diamond Edge certification and here are some important reasons why.

What is a Diamond Edge Certification?

This kind of certification is not easy to achieve. It requires a lot of service and parts guidelines for taking care of customers and making sure all their needs get met. A dealer must prove a strong commitment to continuous improvement, and they must submit a long-term action plan to prove this. Dealers must have the latest technology like mobile apps which simplify and streamline customer service for International trucks for sale in Texas and servicing the vehicles.


One of the most valuable benefits customers receive is faster turnaround times. You have a dedicated service lane, and this gives you priorities over other (non-International) customers. Priority service gives you some of the quickest and most efficient services in the business. When your drivers do not have to wait long, they can spend more time on the road.

When you shop International trucks for sale in Texas at a Diamond Edge certified dealer, you have the benefits of DIA or Diamond Inventory Alliance. This ensures your dealer has the most common parts on hand. You do not have to wait long for parts, and this can save an enormous amount of downtime.

You can take advantage of special mobile apps for service. This makes getting your truck serviced, easy. All technicians have special training to make sure you get the most efficient services.

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