Inspection Services at a Garage Known for High-Quality Auto Parts in Buffalo Grove IL

Before a long road trip or before winter weather arrives, it’s a good idea to have the vehicle checked over for possible maintenance and repair needs. An automotive center known for having high-quality Auto Parts in Buffalo Grove IL can do this work and reassure the driver that no breakdowns will occur far from home or during a nasty cold snap.

Some of the potential problems automotive technicians look for include fluid leaks, worn belts and a failing battery. They check to see whether the air filter needs to be replaced; a dirty air filter cuts gas mileage. Belts and hoses that are frayed along the edges or have cracks should be replaced. A battery that no longer holds enough power may not be able to start the vehicle on a bitterly cold day.

Some very slow fluid leaks are manageable by keeping an eye on the situation and adding fluid when necessary. However, when a container is significantly lower on fluid than it should be, the mechanic will want to know what’s causing the problem. A power steering pump leak, for instance, can cause a loss of power if the fluid level gets low enough. The driver can still steer the vehicle, but it’s a lot harder to do so.

In addition to inspecting components under the hood, mechanics at a garage known for high-quality Auto Parts in Buffalo Grove IL also can inspect the tires and exhaust system. If a muffler is starting to show signs of wear, the vehicle owner may already have noticed a slight rumbling sound. It may be advisable to have that part replaced before the worst of winter weather arrives or before heading out on a cross-country adventure. This is especially important if the rumbling is loud and indicates that a connecting part is rusty enough to allow the muffler to break off on the highway.

The most convenient time to have a shop such as Dundee & Wolf Automotive do this work is during a routine oil change and tire rotation appointment. Some of these services are already included during an oil change. More information is available at website.