Inner Workings of the Micro Switch

The micro switch, which is also referred to as the miniature snap action switch, is considered to be a contact switch. This type of switch is used very often in medical instruments as a type of sensor, in industrial applications, and automotive options. The switch is referred to as being ‘micro’ due to the company that initially began to manufacture it on a commercial scale.

According to the design of the micro switch, the actuator often includes a type of hinged wheel that is placed directly over the push button. The switch is commonly used in various control system applications, such as vending machines, a safety switch in an elevator, and for door interlock. Due to the larger and more diverse range of applications, the micro switch is offered in a number of actuator styles, housing materials, configurations and more.

These switches are also commonly referred to as a ‘snap action’ switch due to the fact that it snaps into action upon contact.
The conventional SPDT switch features a blunt edge and rectangular shaped structure. It features three different output strips that denote the common, or ground, with and open and closed position. There are also two opposite holes that are dug into the housing to offer an easy source of mounting for the switch on the top.

There are a number of considerations that need to be made when selecting the micro switch for your application. Take some time to find a quality manufacturer so that you can have confidence that the product purchased meets the standards of the industry and that it will meet certain specifications.

There are several options available, therefore you need to be confident that the right one is selected. Take some time, browse the sizes and styles to have confidence that the micro switch purchased is right for the job. Not every switch is created equally, which is why special consideration needs to be given to this purchase.

There are a number of suppliers offering the micro switch, but finding one that is well-known in your particular industry will help ensure the desired results are achieved. Take some time, get informed and browse the options offered by a reputable seller. There is no question that the micro switch is a device that is used in a number of applications, but finding the right one for the job is essential to produce the desired results.