Applications of the Switching Power Transformer

The switching power transformer has a number of different applications. This option for power is selected when the size, efficiency, wide input range tolerance, and weight make it the preferable option to the more traditional linear power supplies. The upfront cost of the semiconductors have made the switch-mode supplies a higher cost alternative; however, the current production switching power transformer options are usually always a lower cost than their linear power supply equivalent.

Use in Personal Computers

The switched modes PSUs present in domestic products, including personal computers, usually have a type of universal input. This means they are able to accept power from virtually all mains electricity, from any location in the world. When actually used, they can operate from a larger frequency range, as well as from a DC power supply.

Battery Chargers

Because of their higher volumes, the majority of mobile phone chargers are often cost sensitive. The very first chargers for these devices were a linear power supply, but they moved quickly to the more cost-effective ringing choke converter, or RCC, when higher levels of efficiency were demanded. There has recently been a demand for a no-load power requirement that is even lower, which resulted in fly back topology being used more and more.


The switching power transformer is often found in the auto industry where the normal trucks use the nominal 24 V DC, but may require the 12 V DC. A typical car will use the nominal 12 V DC and may have to have this converted for their drive equipment.

Central Power Distribution

In many cases, with the integration of stabilization capacitors and batteries for energy storage, other sources of interference need to be avoided in regard to power distribution. In many cases, this results in SMPS being essential for the efficient conversion of any DC energy.

There are a number of different applications for the switching power transformer. Prior to putting it into functional use, it is essential to find a quality supplier of the component. This is the only way that the user will be able to feel confident that the desired results will be achieved. As you can see, the modern applications for these devices are vast and they can even be found in the typical customer electronic, home and business lighting and even spacecraft. Keeping this in mind will help you see how and why these components may be necessary for a particular application.