Improving Nurse Safety in the Emergency Room

Nurses in hospitals find themselves fighting with combative patients, dealing with upset families, and dealing with confrontations. Nurse safety is crucial as they treat AMI patients or juggle a sudden influx of patients from multiple accidents. The last thing that should be on their mind is their safety. Here are a few tips to ensure the nursing staff’s safety in the ER.

Be Realistic

If you can anticipate possible problems, reaction time and decision-making are easier. Performing a comprehensive emergency department assessment can help identify and address potential issues that might compromise nurse safety. Additionally, security procedures should be in place for dealing with and reporting violence in the emergency room setting.

Ongoing Staff Training

Many hospitals offer safety and security training for staff. In the heat of the moment, advice received months ago may be forgotten. Ongoing training sessions can help prepare and equip staff with defensive strategies to diffuse tense situations.

Calling for Backup

Ensure nurse safety in the ER by having protocols in place for when they need backup. Nurses can often take on more than they should, especially when dealing with unruly family members or patients. Following pre-determined security protocols for calling for backup helps keep nurses safe. Nurses should know who and how to call for help if they should need it.

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