Importance of Auto Tire Alignment in Grand Junction, CO

Keeping a car properly maintained is the key to getting the best performance and the longest life out of the car. This includes regularly checking and correcting any wheel alignment issues. Typically, Auto Tire Alignment Grand Junction CO service companies do this at the same time as they do the regularly scheduled oil changes.

When Needed

Those who do oil changes themselves need to know the signs of misaligned tires so they can go to Auto Tire Alignment Grand Junction CO companies, such as, to get the alignment checked. Wheels that are properly aligned are parallel to each other and keep the car driving in a straight line without much effort from the driver. However, when the tires get out of alignment, the car will start to drift to one side. Should this happen, it’s time to get the alignment checked.

Potential Causes

The wheels can slowly drift out of alignment over time due to the normal wear and tear of driving. This is more likely after a minor accident, hitting a big bump, or changing some, but not all, of the tires. If one tire is newer than the corresponding tire on the other side, it can affect the wheel alignment, which is why it’s always recommended to replace tires at least two at a time. This means if one front tire needs to be replaced, a person should also replace the other front tire.

Importance of Properly Aligned Tires

Tires that aren’t properly lined up can cause the steering wheel to shake and make it harder to drive in a straight line. However, this isn’t the only potential consequence of driving a car with misaligned tires. When tires are properly aligned, it saves on fuel because there’s less resistance from the road surface. This resistance can increase the wear and tear on the tires, making it so a person needs to get new tires more often, and can also put more strain on the car. This can adversely affect a number of different systems in the car, including the brakes, steering and suspension. This means properly aligned tires also make the car safer to drive. Click here for more details.