Choosing Replacement or Water Heater Repairs in Bainbridge Island

Hot water can make a family more comfortable, and when the heater has issues, a homeowner wants a quick solution. Water heater repairs by Quality Heating Electrical & AC can help families get back to clean laundry and hot showers in one day, but repair isn’t always the best option; sometimes replacement is more appropriate. Below is a quick checklist to help homeowners know when it’s the right time for a replacement or Water Heater Repairs Bainbridge Island.

When to Repair

     *     If there isn’t sufficient hot water: A reduced quantity of hot water means that there’s sediment in the bottom of the tank, and repairs are as easy as removing the sediment. It’s a standard procedure, and it should be done at least once per year depending on water hardness.

     *     If the water has a foul odor: Sediment can also breed bacteria. If the rod within the tank decays, the product feeds those bacteria and encourages growth. Solve the problem by removing sediment and replacing the rod.

     *     The water heater makes noises: Here again, sediment is to blame. Buildup causes the water to boil, creating strange noises. Sediment removal can fix the issue.

     *     Puddles without water leakage: Fittings, gaskets, pipes and pressure relief valves can all leak, but a plumber can make them watertight once more.

When to Replace

     *     The tank leaks: Hot water and electrical current cause eventual tank failure. Once the tank is so corroded that it leaks, it needs replacement.

     *     It’s old: A water heater usually lasts about twelve years, as indicated by the length of its warranty. If a heater is over eight years old and has issues, or is over twelve and has any problems at all, repairs aren’t likely to be cost-efficient.

A water heater is built to provide years of worry-free service, but only if it is properly maintained. Homeowners should consider the symptoms exhibited by the home’s water heater, and compare them to those listed here. By doing so, the homeowner will be able to tell when it’s good to have water heater repairs in Bainbridge Island-;and when replacement is the better option. Click here for more details.