If You’re Considering the Ford Explorer, Choose One in Barrington

With so many makes and models on the market nowadays, when it comes to buying a car, it can be difficult to know where to start. With a little research and analysis, however, choosing your vehicle can be a pleasurable experience instead of a daunting one. It’s important to figure out what your needs are, what your budget is, and how well these align given the choices out there. Once you have made a decision regarding the make of car that suits your requirements best, it can be a good idea to head to your nearest dealership for some first-hand advice.

The Ford Explorer SUV

Introduced in 1990, Ford’s range of Explorer SUVs has been taking families on adventures for nearly three decades. The Explorer is now in its fifth generation and has undergone many changes in its time. The original versions were made in competition against the Chevrolet and Jeep’s new sports utility vehicles, with Ford aiming to match their competitors in size. The initial Explorer SUVs derived many of their characteristics, such as the chassis and powertrain, from the classic Ford Ranger. It was initially developed as a family car and targeted towards couples with young children, so a four-door version was developed alongside a two-door, which was then named the Explorer Sport.

The Explorer 2018

Ford car dealerships in Barrington are now displaying the latest model of the Ford Explorer, which is simply known as the Explorer 2018. If you’re aiming for luxury, there is also the 2018 Platinum, which is a stunning offering from Ford with sleek interiors and expertly crafted exteriors, a twin-panel moonroof, a Sony audio system, and Nirvana leather seats. Ford’s line of SUVs has come a long way since 1990, but the 2018 version stands out. For a true James Bond touch, you can download the FordPass app, which remotely tracks your vehicle’s location, locks and unlocks it, and – wait for it – even starts it for you.

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