First Time Arrested, How the Bail Bond Process Works with a Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City Oklahoma

For anyone arrested, paying the bond is the first major obstacle. It is also the one that commonly stops a lot of people short. If the bond can be paid, the release is made. If it can’t, Oklahoma has bail bondsmen who can step in. How does this process work for first-time offenders? Below is an overview of working with a bail bond agent in Midwest City Oklahoma.

The Bail Amount and Starting Off

The basic Oklahoma law states that an indemnitor can pay the full bond amount for release. They can also pay a bail bondsman a smaller percent of the total bond, and the bondsmen will pay the remaining amount. The amount owed to a bondsman is typically about 10% of the total, but it can vary slightly based on the county. The bail amount is not determined by the bondsman. It is determined by the courts. Because of this, the amount cannot be negotiated or altered.

Due Diligence

A bail bondsman is legally allowed to do their proper research and due diligence on every case that goes to their desk. There is no Oklahoma law that says that a bondsman must accept every case that comes into their office. They are allowed to review the circumstances. They are typically looking to make sure two aspects line up well. The first is that the amount can actually be paid back.

This is rarely an issue and only typically comes into play if an individual is a vagrant with no traceable history or income. The second thing they are looking for is if the defendant has any open warrants. This would complicate matters and typically run ay bail post void anyway.

If the due diligence runs through properly, the Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City Oklahoma will file the proper paperwork to the courts. This will typically result in a release the same day if the agent is responsive. The courts typically approve within the hour.

The process is streamlined for most cases and will result in a quick release. Visit us for further information about bail release, due diligence, and obtaining a bail post today.