How To Take Care Of A Broken Tooth In Lake Worth, FL

At times, a person may find himself or herself in a situation where emergency dental care is needed. Sometimes, a person may have a cavity that is so bad that the tooth may need emergency extraction. Other times, a person may have an accident and end up with a broken tooth. A tooth that is broken must be repaired immediately, or it could lead to more serious issues with the mouth. There is a dentist who provides dental services for a Broken Tooth in Lake Worth FL. Following are some ways in which a dentist will help the patient take care of broken teeth or any other teeth issues.

When a tooth is broken or knocked out, there are some things the victim need to know to do, in addition to getting emergency help from a dentist. It may be that the victim doesn’t even know the tooth is broken, as sometimes there is no pain present. However, it can also be so severe because the nerves of the tooth are exposed. When the tooth is broken, until the patient is able to see the dentist, he or she can rinse the mouth with warm water.

Other things a person can do with a broken tooth is to take an over-the-counter pain reliever, apply pressure with gauze to control any bleeding, or cover the part of the tooth that is in the mouth with dental cement until a dentist can be seen. A cold pack applied to the area can also help to relieve pressure, pain, and swelling. After that, it is very important to get to the dentist as soon as possible. This is to prevent infection from getting into the body as well as to save the tooth.

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