Affordable Vending Machines in Dallas for a Small Office

by | Jun 11, 2016 | Coffee Machine

As a small business expands, rents bigger office space and hires eight or 10 employees, the owner may wish he or she could provide some more perks, even small ones. Free coffee is often an easy item to offer. Even if the office doesn’t have space for a break room, it may very well have an area where a table could be set up for a coffee machine. Of course, if the office doesn’t have access to its own tap water, the carafe will need to be filled from a fountain or tap elsewhere in the building, but this shouldn’t be much trouble. Setting up one or two vending machines in Dallas small offices is another fine way to boost employee happiness at work. They’re glad for the chance to spontaneously decide they’ll enjoy a chocolate bar or a bag of corn chips. That might be a little reward for managing a stressful day or for completing a difficult project.

A small business owner may fret over the cost of buying vending machines in Dallas. This person envisions machines that are 6 ft. tall, dispense 40 or 50 kinds of products and cost several thousand dollars. It’s not necessary to be this extravagant, however. Smaller machines are available that dispense 10 or 12 types of items; this equipment fits on a large, sturdy table and doesn’t take up a substantial amount of space. If the office manager is in charge of choosing products for the machine, he or she might take an informal survey of the employees to learn which items they’d most like to have at the workplace. There could be a variety of candy bars, other types of candy, crackers, and chips.

The cozy office benefits from this kind of machine, whether that office houses a real estate agency with a handful of agents, a temporary employment agency in a medium-sized city or another kind of small business. Contact us to find out more about affordable vending options in areas with limited space.

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