How to Select the Best Motorcycle Helmet

There are many things to think about stopping in at a motorcycle parts store in New Jersey to buy a new helmet. Most helmets are an expensive investment so considering your body, your budget, and your style are all crucial. If you are in the market for a new helmet, we have some tips to help you find the perfect one.

Helmet Use

What you use your motorcycle for will have an impact on the helmet you should select. If you are on your bike regularly, you may want a high-end model that is more comfortable. These tend to have reduced wind noise and better dynamics. If you often ride with a group, you’ll want to be sure that the helmet has a built-in way to communicate. For racers, you want a high-performance helmet that is Snell rated for tracks.

Shell Material

First, you want to think about what material you prefer for the shell. You can choose from polycarbonate, fiberglass composite, carbon fiber, or EPS. Each has pros and cons associated with them. Polycarbonate is the least expensive and flexes as energy is absorbed. More expensive is fiberglass composite, which splits, crushes, and flexes upon energy absorption. Carbon fiber is light but quite expensive but is the lightest and on impact distributes energy.

Weight of Helmet

Most helmets are going to weigh somewhere between 1,400 and 1,800 grams. You want to have a properly fitted helmet so that the weight is distributed around your shoulders and heat. If it is off, even a light helmet can cause strain. In most cases, modular helmets are more expensive than full face helmets.

Safety Features

As technology increases, there are more safety features coming out all the time. You may want to spend a bit more for a helmet with a cheek pad system for easy removal in the case of an accident. A multi-directional protection system (MIPS) is also an excellent option which helps reduce rotation forces from some types of impact.

Safety Ratings

There are numerous safety ratings, but the most common are DOT, ECE22.05, and Snell. There is controversy over which is the most stringent, but they are all similar. Be sure that the helmet you choose reaches safety standards in case of an accident.

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