6 Great Tips to Buying a Chassis for Your Harley

Shopping around for a Harley Davidson classic pre 1984 chassis can set you back a lot. Considering how much you can end up paying for one, it only makes sense to heed the following buying tips:


First off, you’ll need to do some solid research to make sure the part you’re buying is authentic. It’s easy to get scammed when you don’t know a thing about the part you’re buying. Read and research. That piece of advice from CheatSheet works whether you’re buying a bike or a part for your bike.

Know the part

Don’t go into this transaction blind. Ask around. Join forums and groups. The more you know about the part, the less likely it is for you to be taken in by a dodgy part seller.

Keep a steady head

Don’t give yourself away to the seller. The problem with potential buyers is that many of them can’t handle the excitement and thrill of being able to find a long-sought out part. By keeping a steady head on your shoulders and not giving anything away, you could give yourself more negotiating power, allowing you to get the part at a much better cost.

Don’t get carried away

Happy about the possibility of finding just the right chassis or chassis kit for your motorbike? Don’t get too excited that you don’t check the part or ask the right questions. If you’re in a rush, you could miss red flags and tell-tale signs.

Trust your gut

If there’s anything off about the sale, don’t dismiss that feeling out of hand. Stop the sale if the seller doesn’t appear trustworthy.

Go for reliability

Don’t risk buying anything from a supplier you aren’t sure of. Look for Harley Davidson classic pre 1984 chassis from trusted and reliable suppliers. That’s an excellent preventive measure against sketchy sellers making a buck out of you.