How to Look Younger without Undergoing a Facelift

by | May 2, 2019 | Health

Many women and a number of men start to be bothered that their face is looking older. While a facelift might be the best choice for some, others prefer to find a less invasive treatment. If you are currently wondering how to look younger without undergoing an actual facelift surgery, there are other options that can give excellent results. Botox in Northbrook is a popular choice for patients that have facial frown lines, forehead wrinkles or age-telling crow’s feet near their eyes. The sheer popularity of people getting Botox by a Northbrook-based plastic surgeon might be surprising to many if they knew the actual numbers.

Some individuals are afraid of pursuing a Botox solution to their aging skin due to widespread horror tales from decades past. While there are some cautions to this effective treatment, patients are in good hands if they pick a reputable plastic surgeon who has the necessary training and experience. A respected plastic surgeon offers customized injections of effective Botox that Northbrook patients have been exceptionally pleased with over the years. The impressive results will have everyone wondering why you look so beautiful and much younger. This procedure doesn’t require the downtime that traditional facelift surgeries do, and the end results are simply astonishing.

Often, patients choose several facial treatments designed to make their skin look younger and healthier. Along with strategically placed injections containing Botox, Northbrook’s Ashpole Plastic Surgery also offers other skincare treatments like Juvederm or laser skin procedures able to amplify the patient’s phenomenal results. Men and women may also opt to undergo a skin nourishing hydrafacial for a truly amazing experience that leaves skin soft, toned and gorgeous. Discover how to look years younger than your current age without invasive surgery or long recovery downtime. Learn more by logging onto online anytime 24/7.

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