How to FInd a Tax Preparer in Queens

With more than four million words, 9000 pages and at least one change per day, the US tax code is difficult to decipher. That’s why millions of American taxpayers use professional tax preparers each season. Those hiring Tax Preparer in Queens want someone who’s knowledgeable, certified and honest, and they can click here for more tips to get started.

Ask Family and Friends for Recommendations

People often go to friends and family for recommendations on car dealers and doctors, and these people can also recommend good tax preparers. Customers should ask people they trust who they use, what they like and what they don’t like about the tax pro. Everyone’s situation is different, meaning that a preparer who wasn’t a good fit for one person may be perfect for another.

Check Their Credentials

Before hiring a tax preparer, the customer should ask how long they have been in business, and they should ask what type of continuing education standards the preparer must follow. Contact the BBB for a record of actions and complaints filed against a particular preparer. By learning about a firm’s customer service record, taxpayers can determine whether they would be a good option.

Find a Stable Preparer

Filers should be wary of “pop up” tax preparers who can be here today and gone tomorrow. The Internal Revenue Service can audit a return months after it’s filed, and customers need a preparer who’s there to answer questions. A good preparer can walk a client through the auditing process, and they should be available year-round to help customers with tax issues.

Rely on Instinct

Above all, a customer should be comfortable with their Tax Preparer in Queens. Professionals will quickly return phone calls and answer questions, but customers should be patient during tax time. Preparers should tell the client which forms they need to bring, and for which deductions they are eligible. Customers should not sign blank forms, and they should avoid providers who ask them to do so. At the end, the customer is legally responsible for what’s included on their tax return, and they should ensure that they choose a preparer wisely.