A Beauty School in Kansas City Teaches Far More Than How to Give a Good Haircut

If you have the knack for choosing the right hair style or makeup for yourself or others or enjoy helping others find the perfect hair or nail color -; a career in Cosmetology might be for you. A cosmetology or Beauty School in Kansas City is more than just styling hair. Some of the skills taught in beauty schools include:

* Anatomy -: Cosmetology students must learn about the anatomy of human hair, skin, and nails. Understanding the composition of these parts enables the clinician to recognize and identify possible conditions such as rashes or infections.

* Hair -: Cosmetology programs teach students a variety of haircuts using both razors and scissors for men and women. Students learn the best way to blow-dry hair, braiding hair, and creating updos for special occasions like proms or weddings. The principles of hair cutting based on the individual’s facial shape, proper shampooing, conditioning, proper use of cutting tools, adding hair extensions, hair coloring, texturing with chemicals, and wigs, are taught.

* Science -: A cosmetologist doesn’t have to be a chemist, but cosmetologists use chemicals nearly every day, and having a good understanding of how they work and interact is crucial. The hair dyes, relaxers, shampoos, cream rinses, and other products are all chemicals or contain chemicals. Since these products are designed to change the client’s hair color, structure, or texture, the cosmetologist must be aware of how they work so as to not damage a clients hair or skin. Most clients will not appreciate their hair turning blue.

* Skin -: A Beauty School in Kansas City will likely teach the fundamental of skin care as well. Students will learn how to do facials, remove unwanted facial hair, and identify and treat certain skin conditions. Learning proper makeup application techniques to either enhance or conceal certain features will be taught.

* Nails -: Nail care is now part of most cosmetology programs taught today. Nail care subjects such as manicures and pedicures are also part of licensing programs.

Students will also learn communication and business skills helpful to their career. You can click here for more information but some of the skills taught include good listening skills in order to understand what the client wants and to make them happy. In most settings the cosmetologist builds their own clientele base and a reputable beauty school will teach students how to promote themselves and their skills.