How Much Does A Veterans Benefits Lawyer Cost?

Any relationship that exists between a veteran and veterans benefits lawyers in Pennsylvania is regulated by the VA, the Department of Veterans Affairs. The lawyers must be accredited by the VA and any and all agreements they enter into with clients are subject to review by the VA. The VA retains the right to regulate the conduct of lawyers that represent disabled veterans; they do this to ensure the veteran gets professional representation.

In the past a veteran that was denied benefits could not engage the services of a lawyer until the BVA, Board of Veterans Appeals had handed down a final ruling. This is no longer the case, a disabled veteran can now hire veterans benefits lawyers in Pennsylvania at any time after they file a notice with the VA that states they disagree with the decision they made.

Contingency payment:

Unlike other cases, veterans benefits lawyers do not charge hourly fees or seek a retainer, they work on contingency. This simply means that they get their fee paid once you are awarded back pay; the lawyer receives a percentage of that amount.

In the event you are unsuccessful in your appeal the lawyers that have been representing you do not get paid.

Finding a veterans benefits lawyer:

The only lawyers that can represent you in front of the BVA are those that have been accredited by the VA.

The lawyer does not have to be accredited if all you want to do is consult with him or her about what benefits you might be eligible for. However, when the time comes when you actually do file an appeal, the lawyer you use must be accredited.

When you are interviewing veterans benefits lawyers in Pennsylvania don’t hesitate to ask a few pertinent questions, such as:

   *   Is all or only a part of your practice dedicated to helping disabled veterans?

   *   Can you give me examples of cases you have won for veterans with disabilities such as I have?

Choose lawyers that you are comfortable with and you feel they will give your case the attention that you believe it deserves.

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