Comprehensive Animal Care in Alexandria for All Types of Pets

Getting pets proper animal care in Alexandria usually means finding a veterinarian for routine examinations and vaccinations, selecting a groomer for shampooing and cuts, and consulting a specialist in the event of a major health issue. Treatments for heartworm, fleas, and parasites can be part of the examination to save time and money. Boarding services and laboratory tests cause owners to travel to two other facilities to get that done. That results in a substantial amount of time, management of appointments, and helping a pet get used to all those providers. Instead of dragging the family pet all over town, find one place at which all services are available.

Pet owners can have all the needs of their pets taken care of in one facility. The animal will be going to the same building for grooming, dental care, boarding, and regular examinations. In the event any diagnostic testing or laboratory work is required, that can be completed there as well. Surgical procedures, such as neutering, declawing, spaying, and growth removal, can be completed at the same location as well. Same day appointments and emergency care are offered. An additional service is to help in obtaining international health certification and a passport for pets who are traveling with owners. Recommendations for carrying kennels, updating shots and vaccinations, and answering any questions regarding travel are offered as well. That way, both the owner and pet enjoy a smooth flight, cruise, railway travel, or a long distance vehicle ride.

The facility that provides animal care in Alexandria has state-of-the-art equipment and technology to quickly and accurately determine the next course of action for pets. A digital x-ray machine, ultrasound capabilities, and an in-house laboratory eliminates scheduling separate appointments, as well as waiting for a week or two to get results back on blood, urine, and stool samples. All services are available for cats, dogs, and exotic pets. Pet owners can visit for complete details on all services. The section on boarding pets, for example, includes the daily rates, accommodation options, what food is provided, and specifics of the daily routine. Contact information, forms required for boarding a pet, and hours of operation are clearly presented online also.