How do live dealer online casinos work?

One of the greatest innovations in the online gambling industry in the last decade has been the introduction of live casino online India. Unlike the AI-based online casinos, live dealer casinos offer a more “traditional land-based slots” experience, but digitally.

Continue reading as we take a deeper look at how exactly do live dealer casinos work.

How do online live dealer casinos work?

As stated earlier, live dealer casinos aim to provide a more realistic casino experience. Instead of a computer dealing the hands or spinning the roulette, a real dealer hands out the cards live, which adds a fresh breath of excitement to the game.

Let’s take an example of a game of live blackjack in live casino online India.

Most times, a real live human dealer will appear on your screen along with other players, with whom you can interact in real-time using voice or chat.
The cards in the deck are often microchipped and the actions are translated onto your display. Before each round, the dealer will wait for all the bets and then deal the cards, which you can see on your screen.

A sophisticated software system scans the cards and updates the values in real-time, allowing you to see the same on your screen. The players can then proceed to play their stands, hits, double downs, etc. based on the cards dealt, following which the dealer will play their hands.

Unlike a traditional casino, however, the dealer in live casino online India does not wait till the end of the round to collect the bets and instead, they are taken or returned immediately. You can tip the dealer just like a land-based casino.