Have an Infected Toenail in Joliet: Here’s What Should Happen Next

People have infected toenails in Joilet every day. Wearing too-tight shoes, sweaty feet, and medical conditions all contribute to toenail infections in children and adults. When one has an infected toenail, here’s what should happen next to keep the infection from getting worse.

  1. Clean the Toe

Make sure the toe is cleaned properly using soap and water. Feet are exposed to dirt and bacteria every day. If one notices their toenail is looking a little funky, the first thing to do is make sure to clean it well.

  1. Schedule an Appointment with a Podiatrist

Some infections will clear up without medication or other types of medical intervention, but not all. Self-diagnosing a toenail infection is never a good idea because the average person doesn’t know what kind of infection they have.

Podiatrists examine the toe to determine if it’s a fungal infection like Athlete’s foot or a skin infection like paronychia, Paronychia is a type of yeast infection that’s often accompanied by a bacterium that causes toes to become red and tender and, sometimes, blister.

There are some people with medical conditions that should always have toenail infections and injuries examined. Diabetics need to see a podiatrist regularly because their condition often causes damage to blood vessels and nerves that make it difficult to feel pain from toe and foot infections.

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