How a Person Should Handle Dog Bites in Nassau County NY

Dog bites in Nassau County NY area can range from relatively minor to serious, yet all should be handled with care. A person who was bitten by a dog should first seek medical attention, should then find out if the dog was up to date on vaccinations, and then should speak with an attorney to find out if they are entitled to compensation for their injuries. Compensation is usually an option if the person was bitten without provocation by a dog that isn’t their own.

Medical attention is going to be necessary anytime a dog bite breaks the skin. Even for relatively minor dog bites, it’s important to make sure the person doesn’t obtain a disease or infection as a result of the dog bite. If the person is seriously injured in the attack, it might require stitches or further medical care to ensure the wound is taken care of properly and does not become infected.

The person or a family member may want to try to find out from the dog’s owner if the dog has had all of their shots. They should try to get a copy of the shot records, if possible. If this is not possible, it is something their lawyer can handle at a later time, but it’s usually worth asking ahead of time for peace of mind.

Once the person has received medical care for the Dog Bites, they may want to speak with a lawyer. The lawyer will determine if the bite meets the requirements for a personal injury suit and, if so, work towards obtaining compensation for the person. Compensation will typically cover the person’s medical bills and any personal property that was damaged by the dog attack. There may be other types of compensation, such as for emotional distress, if applicable to the case.

If you’ve suffered from Dog Bites in Nassau County NY, make sure you seek medical attention immediately. Then, contact a lawyer to see if you are entitled to compensation for your medical bills. The lawyer can help ensure you receive the money necessary to cover your medical bills and other related expenses, so you don’t have to pay for them on your own.