Experienced and Modern Dentist in Salem OR

Experience matters when it comes to dental procedures. The more often a dentist has completed procedures, the more efficient and confident he becomes. That greatly improves technique and has a direct impact on patient comfort. Practicing dentistry for a few decades, for example, allows the dentist to become excellent at examinations, assessments, and all offered procedures. The only possible hesitation patients may have when selecting an experienced dentist, is a concern regarding new methods, techniques, products, and the use of advanced technologies. If patients have any questions regarding the use of advanced technology, or continued education on the part of the dentist, they can address them at the initial appointment.

Modern methods and equipment have been developed to make procedures quicker, more accurate and efficient, less expensive, and less invasive. Some new procedures and products even provide services that were not available five or ten years ago. Dental X-rays are a perfect example of how advances in technology have improved dental services. Original X-rays involved several hard plastic discs being placed in the mouth, on which patients had to bite down. They were uncomfortable and took a very long time to complete. Some dentists still use that method. Today, there are digital X-rays and intraoral cameras that are used to provide a better view of mouth and teeth and are more efficient. A smart dentist in Salem OR will realize that experience needs to be paired with advanced technologies to best serve patients.

Many dentists have invested time and resources in keeping up with the latest technology, the most advanced procedures, and the newest equipment to become experienced and modern to accommodate the needs and desires of patients. A dentist in Salem OR can provide general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry in the same office for the convenience of patients. A complete examination, implants, and custom veneers can be done in one place. That saves time and money for patients and helps the dentist maintain a successful practice. Those interested in learning about all services provided can browse our website for a detailed list of procedures, informational videos, and contact information. Knowing what is available can help patients decide if an office will suit their needs.