Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturers Supply a Global Market

More than half of the products sold in the U.S. are packaged using corrugated materials. That’s great news for a downstream business, hot melt adhesive manufacturers. They not only sell the universal liquid glue that seals corrugated boxes but equipment that automates the assembly of using the converting equipment. The packaging industry is a global enterprise and their partner, adhesive manufacturers.

The Different States for Adhesives
The packaging industry is big business. The adhesive manufacturers produce hot melt products and distribute them in their solid state. Companies can purchase hot glue sticks, pellets, balls, bars, and blocks. They are then used with a heating element for liquid application through a converting machine or partial automation assembly. Technology makes the automation process efficient, and suppliers of adhesives can deliver just-in-time to meet production schedules. Partial automation requires human assembly and hot melt sticks are heated to liquid using heat guns.

Fast Drying and No Curing
hot melt adhesive manufacturers produce, package, store and ship products in bulk. They are safe and nontoxic with little odor and thanks to their solid make-up, easy to handle. They work best with porous paper products such as corrugated cardboard, labels, paper, light metals, plastics and so much more. Once applied, there is no curing time. In manufacturing terms working with converting and assembly automation machinery offers hands-free production, leaving no room for human error, and greater return on investment from machinery purchases. For partial assembly line automation, hot melt glue guns deliver a uniformed liquid for tedious or intricate assembly.

The Glue That Bonds Us
Other commercial uses for this tacky glue comes from the food packaging industry, and hot melt adhesive manufacturers deliver products that comply with FDA and USDA regulations. Manufacturing of books and magazines use hot melt for binding. Furniture builders use this formulation for wood. The versatility of hot melt glue provides for so many applications.

 * Appliances
 * Automobile
 * Aerospace
 * Dishware
 * Construction
 * Framing
 * Footwear
 * Upholstery

It is truly a versatile, super adhesive that bonds this industry to the global economy. Hot melt adhesive manufacturers continue to make improvements in the automation of sealing equipment. Technology capabilities make for easy programming and maximizes the efficiency of units produced. There are adhesive equipment manufacturers with offices worldwide giving business the economies of scale to grow their enterprise.

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