Hire a Contractor Specializing in Paving Repair to Repair Potholes and Resurface Pavement

Having a parking lot or even a driveway professionally repaved can be an expensive endeavor, and many paving companies refuse to do repair work due to the challenges it poses. This should not be interpreted to mean that it is not possible to repair both concrete and asphalt pavement. In fact there are companies that specialize primarily in Paving Repair. Contracting through one of these companies instead of completely repaving the surface can save commercial property owners a bundle.

Cracks and missing mortar in joints can be filled, and often further damage can be combated through the addition of a coat of sealant. Seal coating pavement can extend the lifespan of a parking lot for years. It is best to apply seal coating before significant damage occurs, but the process can also be used to help with repairs.

In cases where significant surface damage is present, resurfacing may be a better option. Cheaper than complete reconstruction, resurfacing installs a layer of asphalt, typically an inch or two deep, over top of existing pavement. This is really only necessary when the surface of the lot or driveway has become significantly oxidized. Owners can expect to get an extra 8-15 years of normal use from resurfaced pavement.

Often if potholes are forming in asphalt pavement, it can be a sign of underlying structural issues. But if a complete reconstruction is not an option, whether due to practical concerns or budgeting, qualified contractors can offer a quick fix to at least temporarily restore the area to normal use. Sometimes these dangerous holes can be permanently filled without completely reconstructing the paved area. But even when this is not the case it makes more sense to restore the area to use and prevent further damage than to allow it to get worse, effecting the integrity of the pavement around it and potentially damaging customer’s vehicles.

There are circumstances under which Paving Repair simply isn’t feasible. If there are structural or water drainage issues that cause underlying problems, or if the sub grade is unable to stand up to current traffic needs, it may preclude repair as a practical option. Visit website to get a better idea of when to repair and when to repave. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.