The Basics of Asphalt Parking Lot Construction

When your asphalt is damaged or in need of a complete replacement, you need to call a qualified paving company to do the work. There are some solutions that you might find at a hardware store but these are only temporary solutions that will not last for very long. They’re lower quality than the ones that professionals use; also, they’ll be very labor intensive for you. Asphalt parking lot construction is best left to professionals who have the tools to do it properly. The process takes a few steps.

Laying the Base

Laying the base layer is the first step in asphalt parking lot construction. If there has never been a parking lot there, the ground will need to be prepared first. Preparing the ground means grading the soil so that it’s as smooth as possible. Then, the professionals will use great pressure to compact the soil so that it’s as stable as possible. After that’s done, they’ll lay down a layer of gravel. The gravel will need to be smoothed over.

Once all of that is done, it’s time to actually pour the asphalt. A company such as Highline Pavement Maintenance will be able to do this very efficiently. The process usually only takes a few hours, depending on the size of your parking lot.

Pouring the Asphalt

Once the base is stable, the asphalt will be poured while it’s still hot. The hot asphalt will have to cure for a while. Curing the asphalt involves allowing it to set over time. This will be very dependent on the temperature that day. If it’s too cold, the asphalt might dry before it can cure properly. That will lead to asphalt that is too brittle. If it’s too hot that day, the asphalt might take too long to set. It’s important to call an asphalt company early so that you can schedule the construction for a good time. You can also follow them on Twitter.