Helping You Place Your Child for Adoption in Oklahoma

Children truly are a blessing. However, they are not seen that way if the parent does not want the child or cannot afford the child. If you are a mother who is looking to put your child up for Adoption, understand that there are plenty of options for you. A place that accepts children for adoption in Oklahoma area has an excellent set up for birth mothers looking to place their child. Here are some answers to questions that you may have about the center.

     *     You may be wondering how your child will be placed with an adoptive family. As the birth mother, you will be given the opportunity to look at a profile book of the prospective adoptive parent(s). There are crisis pregnancy centers, hospitals, and other similar agencies in place to assist you in helping with the process of adoption.

     *     You may be wondering about the contact that will be had between you and the prospective adoptive parents. This is largely up to what you desire as the birth mother. There are several options available: fully open, semi- open and closed adoptions. Fully opened is when you allow contact between you and the adoptive parents. Semi-opened has the placement agency acting as a mediator between you and the adoptive parents. Closed option is where you desire absolutely no contact with the adoptive parents.

     *     You may also be wondering when the placement of your child will occur. This is also a decision that is up to you. When you are ready to proceed with the adoption process, the door will be opened.

Lilyfield Christian Adoption and Foster Care has been providing adoptive solutions for birth mothers for over 25 years. The agency offers an environment of loving adoptive and foster care for infants and children. The types of adoptions that birth mothers can put their child up for are domestic adoption, older child adoption and independent adoption. There is an avenue called international adoption, which Lilyfield does not offer; but the agency does work with other services to help make the adoption a reality. If you are looking to place your child up for Adoption in Oklahoma, visit the Lilyfield Christian Adoption website.